BAME Community Group Course

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Join our New 5 Week BAME Community Group Development Course.

Each week we will tackle one of 5 subjects and you can pick to attend either a daytime or evening workshop. Click on each of the workshops below to book your place. Priority will be given to those who complete the full course.

Part 1

Where are we going? The benefits of a clear Vision for your group’s future. Session Lead Ade Murphy

Have you ever wondered why some organisations are able to recruit new members easily? Why do some groups find fundraising simple? One reason is that they are clear why they exist and what they hope to achieve. When this is shared with people it will improve your fundraising and help increase membership. This short workshop will help guide you and your members to co-create a vision and mission statement for your group to help focus your activities and policies.

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Part 2

Governance and Policies – Session Lead – Katherine Armstrong

Is your group set up to be able to do what it wants to achieve? This online session will look at the most appropriate governance for your requirements such as a community group, charity, Charitable Incorporated Organisation, Social Enterprise. We will also look at the policies that you will need. These aspects are vital for making successful funding applications!

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Part 3

A Virtual Guide to Safeguarding for Community GroupsSession Lead Ade Murphy

There has never been a better time to make sure your organisation is doing all it can to protect children at risk. This course will help you to gain an understanding of the term safeguarding for children and vulnerable adults and how it applies to your group. This virtual introduction session is designed to help you check that your organisation is doing safeguarding well and meeting the legal responsibilities that EVERY group face.

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Par 4

Funding – Session Lead – Katherine Armstrong

This session will look at how to raise funds for your group or project. Understand the best way of completing application forms, evidencing needs and then making sure any money gained is spent appropriately as well as meeting reporting requirements.

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Part 5

Communications – Session Lead Nicola Greenslade

This session will look at how to communicate using a range of means including press releases and social media. This session will also look at how to engage with the wider local community.

Part 5

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