Get West Somerset Moving

Supporting West Somerset residents to reach their full potential

The Get West Somerset Car appeal is about matching up individuals who have no means of transport to reach their full potential. If you are in need of a car for work, educational, or family needs we could help!

How does the scheme work?

CCS is calling on the generosity of Somerset’s people to donate their second-hand cars, that are in working order but that they no longer need, to help get West Somerset moving.

If you are in need of a vehicle contact our CCS Somerset Village & Community Agents they will first collect your details and filter if you are applying for the scheme. The agents then make a direct referral to West Somerset Advice where a full assessment will be conducted.

Once you have completed the assessment and pass the criteria we can match you up with a FREE vehicle. There is no cost for the Car but you will be taking on the: insurance, upkeep, fuel, and maintenance. Rest-assured when we provide the vehicle it has been through a complete check, MOT, provided by Rusty Road to Recovery so it is completely roadworthy.

How to Donate a car?

Do you qualify to receive a FREE Car?