CCS since 1926

After the First World War, Somerset, like most counties, was recovering from the conflict of 1914-1918 and the government withdrew its promise of support to rural communities. In response, local people joined forces and this resulted in the formation of the Rural Communities Councils movement. Somerset Rural Community Council was established in 1926 but was later renamed the ‘Community Council for Somerset – CCS’.

The concerns of the newly formed organisation don’t differ wildly from those that we encounter today – although the style of language may have changed! In 1931 the community council formally set out for the first time its objects:


To bring people who want help or information of any kind in touch with those who can supply the need


To miss no opportunity of lending a hand to make life in Somerset better and more worthwhile in every way


To convince both organisations and individuals that life will be easier and pleasanter if one tries to make the best of one’s neighbours rather than get the better of each other