Chat to Connect

A service for clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) adults in Somerset

Do you want to meet new people in a similar position to you, with shared interests?

We know it’s good to talk and share experiences. We can connect you with another person who is on the CEV list to keep your spirits up – you are not alone.

Stay connected to stay well:

To get started simply complete the ‘Sign Up’ form below, or contact your local Village and Community Agent who can help you complete the form.

What happens next

  • A referral is sent to our Chat to Connect adviser Marie Fraser
  • Marie will be in touch directly when we have a match to connect with you.

With so many ways to connect we will ensure you are all set up!

You may need some technical support in order to connect with someone so we are also offering one-to-one virtual support with:

  • phones, tablets, and laptops
  • downloading apps
  • using Zoom or Whatsapp

Protecting your details

PLEASE NOTE: We will only connect people who appear on the Somerset County Council’s Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) list which has been shared with Smart Communities Limited part of the Community Council for Somerset (CCS) group for the purposes of providing support to these people during the pandemic.

The only information that Smart Communities Ltd will disclose to initial contacts will be your name and preferred type of contact details so that a connection can be made. Please be careful about what personal information you choose to disclose with your connection.

Our guidelines are simple

All those taking part in the Chat to Connect service should be courteous and respectful to others at all times. Any form of abuse or harassment will not be tolerated and further legal advice may be taken.

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