COVID-19 Translated

COVID-19 Advice Translated

COVID-19 advice and guidance for our diverse communities in the UK!

Doctors of the World guidance is now translated into an incredible 60 languages.

Access the information at:

Doctors of the World has also produced motion graphic videos with key COVID-19 information for migrants living in the UK. These are available in 11 priority languages: Bengali, Bulgarian, English, Kurdish Sorani, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Vietnamese.

The videos contain the latest advice from the UK government, including information on COVID-19 testing and wearing face masks. Access the videos at:

covid mask being worn in a shop

Public Health COVID-19 Translations

Hands, Face & Space

Local Level Alerts

NHS COVID-19 App & support websites here

Symptom check:

  • How long to self-isolate
  • How to self-isolate
  • Symptoms to check

NEW COVID-19 January 5th National Guidance has been translated in

Polish, Lithuanian, Romanian, Portuguese, and Arabic

Download your copy here

Somerset Local COVID-19 Testing

Visit the bottom of the webpage for translations

COVID-19 Infographics

Covid-19 advice TRANSLATED

People from ethnic minorities are disproportionately affected by Covid-19. A group of doctors, medical students, and volunteers have created graphics to help summarise key points about Covid-19 in a variety of languages to reach communities.

Download the graphics at:

Topics covered include self-care, myth busters, wellbeing, face coverings, test and trace, migrants’ rights, shielding support, and school safety measures.

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Advice and information translated into a wide range of languages