Interfaith & Belief

New Project!

Somerset Diverse Communities has developed an Interfaith & Belief Network across Somerset.

We delivered

  • Opportunities for engagement that promote respect, awareness and dialogue between diverse Faith/Belief groups across the county.
  • Events, shared projects and community activities including training opportunities in areas of need identified by minority communities.
  • Environments of understanding between marginalised Faith/Belief groups and Service Providers.
  • Connected Somerset faith and belief communities across the county and break down barriers of rural isolation.
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The Interfaith network brings the people of Somerset together through our network of people from different faiths and beliefs.

Watch the ‘Planting a Seed’ video a series of short interviews from a Bahai, Christian, Muslim, humanist and a Jewish faith and beliefs.

Winter Energy – Crisis Connect information

The cost-of-living crisis is affecting us all. Faith and belief communities are often at the forefront of these events. To help you and your community, Somerset Diverse Communities held an information webinar to connect you to service providers, grants, and other areas that might support you in your daily work.

Guest speakers from:

  • Somerset Libraries
  • CCS
  • Citizens Somerset
  • Centre for Sustainable Energy

Watch back

Information sheets available to download:

Thank you for coming!

Last November saw Somerset’s first Interfaith Roadshow across the county from the 13th to the 20th.

Janine traveled the county to educate, share and celebrate the diverse faiths and beliefs of our communities. Visiting Taunton, Yeovil, and Glastonbury Libraries, tree planting with the Exmoor Coastal project and interfaith exhibition taking place at Yeovil Art Space ‘Natural Reflections’.

Interfaith Week UK invited people to be curious about the faiths or beliefs that seem different from our own. We all embrace something because of love or because it offers us a sense of belonging. This time has allowed us to begin to understand what gives others a sense of belonging.

Natural Reflections at Yeovil Art Space

Take a tour of the art and hear from the artists 


If your school would like a copy of our Interfaith & Belief – Connections to Earth PowerPoint contact

Here are some fun and interesting videos about different faiths/beliefs


Pesach (Jewish Passover)

Beltane (Pagan/Celtic)

Baha’i faith explained

Christmas – Orthodox Christian

Diwali (Hindu Festival of Light)

Easter – Western Christian

Ramadan (Month of Fasting Islam)