Interfaith & Belief Network

Somerset Diverse Communities (SDC) are excited that our new Interfaith and Belief Co-ordinator, Carter, started his new role in late October. Carter will be developing an Interfaith & Belief network across Somerset which will aim to:

  • promote good relations, respect, awareness and dialogue between diverse groups across the county.
  • encourage, support and organise interfaith events, shared projects and community activities.
  • provide training opportunities for leaders, community organisers and those in caring roles.
  • build partnerships and promote the interests and concerns of faith and belief communities in Somerset to relevant public bodies.
  • provide extra support to those from minority belief and faith groups, who have less access to culturally and religiously appropriate services and support throughout Somerset.
  • reach across Somerset faith and belief communities as far as possible and break down barriers of rural isolation.

If you are interested in getting involved in the network, in whatever capacity, or would like to join the mailing list to stay updated – please do get in touch!