Interfaith & Belief

New Project!

Somerset Diverse Communities is excited to introduce a new Interfaith and Belief Coordinator, Janine Evans commencing her role and developing an Interfaith & Belief network across Somerset.

Working to:

  • Create opportunities for engagement that promote respect, awareness and dialogue between diverse Faith/Belief groups across the county.
  • Organise events, shared projects and community activities including training opportunities in areas of need identified by minority communities.
  • Build environments of understanding between marginalised Faith/Belief groups and Service Providers.
  • Connect Somerset faith and belief communities across the county and break down barriers of rural isolation.

Janine comes to the position with extensive international experience in building social cohesion. She is delighted to work with the people of Somerset and together learn new and innovative ways to address our unique challenges. SDC is excited about the work being done to strengthen the various strands that make up our wonderful county.

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Here are some fun and interesting videos about different faiths/beliefs


Pesach (Jewish Passover)

Beltane (Pagan/Celtic)

Baha’i faith explained

Christmas – Orthodox Christian

Diwali (Hindu Festival of Light)

Easter – Western Christian

Ramadan (Month of Fasting Islam)


If you are interested in getting involved in the network, in whatever capacity, or would like to join the mailing list to stay updated – please do get in touch!