Let’s Get West Somerset Moving Again!

Get West Somerset Moving

Somerset charity CCS (The Community Council for Somerset) is calling on the generosity of people in the West Somerset area to donate their second-hand bikes, that they no longer need and would rather see being kept in use, to help get West Somerset moving again – safely.

Social distancing and scaled-back public transport is making it difficult for people, especially those on low incomes, to travel to work or take up a new job when they have no affordable way of getting there. After being lovingly refurbished by an expert mechanic, the bikes will be supplied to local residents who would struggle financially to purchase a new bike.

Izzy Silvester, CCS Village Agent for West Somerset, says:

“Please support us to help our community by donating your good but unneeded adult bikes. With your generosity and our tech, we’re going to provide a transport option for lower-waged people to get to work safely.

First, we will ‘up-cycle’ the bikes to ensure they’re safe and sound. Then we will supply them to people who are waiting to make good use of them and are keen to travel at a safe distance. But on top of that, we will be providing all new owners with socially-distanced training on how to maintain their bikes into the future.”

CCS is requesting donations of bikes that are in good condition – meaning nearly ready to ride, with two wheels, pedals and handlebars. Bikes which would only be suitable for recycling by scrapping the metal cannot be accepted. Minor rusting, decorative issues and minor mechanical problems are not a barrier, as our qualified mechanic will be refurbishing the donated bikes.

Raj Singh, CCS Deputy Chief Executive, says:

“Please donate an old bike to help someone get back into work or education. Let’s get West Somerset moving again!”

If you have a bike to donate please get in touch with CCS Village Agent Izzy via email izzy@Somersetrcc.org.uk with your name and phone number and a brief description of the bike or call 07931 018 045 to arrange for a free collection. For anyone in a transport crisis, Izzy also works as the CCS West Somerset Transport Agent ready to help people who are struggling due to a lack of transport in the area.