Why I Became a COVID-19 Volunteer

Volunteer Raegin Wescott in Bridgwater
Volunteer Raegin Wescott collecting prescriptions for delivery to vulnerable people at Lloyds Pharmacy, Taunton Road in Bridgwater .

Raegin Wescott is a COVID-19 volunteer working with CCS Village Agents in Bridgwater to support vulnerable people. She has just completed her 100th medication drop off! Raegin is a teaching assistant at a local school and the school has supported her to work part-time hours so that she can continue in her volunteering role.

We asked Raegin about her experiences as a volunteer during these exceptional times.

Why did you decide to volunteer?

Having previously worked for the NHS I know and respect the work that they do. Therefore, it was a very quick decision for me to decide to volunteer. As soon as I saw that volunteers were needed, I put my hand up to help straight away – as an NHS responder, community support volunteer, and anywhere else I could be of help.

How the experience has been?

My experience as a volunteer has grown considerably over the last 8 weeks but never have I doubted doing it. With the continuous changes in guidance and needs, the volunteer community has adapted to provide continuous support to those who need it, and through every step, I have felt a part of the ever-growing team.

What has it meant to you to help others?

The reward of being able to make a real difference to the lives of people in need, from the smallest of tasks is hugely uplifting. The gratitude, thanks, and appreciation really do make each day. We are all in a very different and difficult time in our lives, but being able to volunteer each day really is fulfilling and heartening.

What have you learned from it?

Volunteering for the last 8 weeks, it really has highlighted the amazing work we can all do as a community. The simple acts of kindness can boost morale, self-esteem, and the social connection (of course socially distanced) which really can have a positive impact on a person’s day!

Vicki Davies from Lloyds Pharmacy, Taunton Road, Bridgwater said:

“We as a pharmacy team are extremely grateful for the service you guys, especially Raegin Wescott, have provided. For me personally, I was doing many deliveries in my own time, sometimes after an 11 or 12-hour shift. Reagin has been an absolute angel, always so patient, polite, professional, and reliable. I cannot thank you enough from myself and on behalf of all of us at the pharmacy.”

Raegin also received this lovely feedback from a resident she delivers prescriptions to:

“We are very grateful to you for delivering our prescriptions. Thanks from both of us, I’m vulnerable and can’t go out and my partner has injured her wrist so we were a bit stuck.”

Amazing work, Raegin, you are most definitely one of our Community Superstars!