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Diversity and Inclusion training

We design and deliver specialist Equality and Diversity training workshops for trustees, staff and volunteers at all levels and across all strands of diversity including cultural awareness.

Diversity and Inclusion training helps to:

  • Enhance awareness and understanding of the value of an inclusive workforce/meeting the needs of diverse service users, volunteers and staff.
  • Enhanced engagement of staff and volunteer teams.
  • Enhance knowledge of good diversity and inclusion practice in your organisation.
  • Ensure trustee boards/management committees are meeting your legal obligations.
  • Improve your outcomes as an organisation.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Somerset Diverse Communities (SDC) has been providing a variety of training opportunities across the county. Recently, SDC delivered a training session at Spark Somerset’s Volunteer Coordinators Forum and a workshop designed for Home Treatment Service and First Response service (NHS).

The training focused on the importance of diversity and inclusion in volunteering, as well as strategies for overcoming barriers to volunteering for people from ethnically diverse communities. Participants learned about unconscious biases and how to mitigate their impact on volunteer work. Additionally, the training addressed effective outreach strategies for reaching diverse groups of potential volunteers.

The workshop presented an overview of the ethnically diverse communities in Somerset and the challenges faced by individual groups.

Topics such as culture shock, language barriers, and cultural sensitivities were covered. Finally, participants were provided with solutions and tools for working effectively with individuals from different cultures and traditions.


Jusna’s diversity training session was both incredibly informative and invaluable. The practical strategies and perspectives shared have equipped us with essential tools to foster a more inclusive volunteering environment within our organisations. As a result, we left the session feeling enthusiastic about integrating diversity principles and procedures into the fabric of our volunteer initiatives.”

Laura Bazley, Volunteer Development Coordinator, Spark Somerset

My name is Carolyn Broom and as Mental Health Nurse and manager of First Response Service benefited greatly from meeting with Micheal. As part of Somerset Diverse Communities he recently spoke with Home Treatment Service and First Response service providing clear and crucial knowledge of the resources available locally which we could promote people to access to better support their needs alongside mental health issues. He spoke extensively about a topic he was both committed to but equally motivational in enthusing others about. Michal provided clear and comprehensive guidance enabling service to move forward with in a more effective and considered way.’’

Carolyn Broom, First Response Service West Manager

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