Series 1

Welcome to the first episode! Somerset Diverse Communities (SDC) presents Isha Harvey, a woman who is not afraid of challenges and breaks stereotypes. Her story takes us on a trip around the world from Trinidad until she settled in Henstridge Somerset. Listen to her journey and career in the Navy.
Somerset Diverse Communities (SDC) presents Vienna Watts from Black Lives Matter Taunton. Vienna talked to us about racism and the reason why she decided to be involved in the BLM movement in Somerset.
What does it mean to be British? Can you have more identities than one? In our third episode of Somerset Diverse Communities’ podcasts, Jinny, Jusna and Michał were talking about cultural identity and a sense of belonging.
The notion of a standalone mixed-race identity that is not an offshoot of one of the more familiar identities such as black, white or Asian is not something monoracial Britain and the wider world takes seriously yet. In our fourth episode of Somerset Diverse Communities’ podcasts, Emma Symonds is talking about the challenges and uniqueness of being a mixed-race person.
Some think discrimination is always visible and obvious, and mostly comes from individuals through physical and verbal abuse and an open contempt for those of a certain ethnic or cultural background. While this is definitely a form of discrimination, other elements of discrimination are widespread but harder to spot. In the UK, major institutions operate in ways that discriminate against Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people including children.
Yeovil’s first multicultural community event organised by Yeovil’s Ethnic Diverse Communities (28th August 2021). Meet the organisers celebrating its diversity, culture, background and faiths from the community. Listen to the voices from Yeovil and hear what took place.
Multicultural Frome – the free event at the Cheese & Grain celebrated scores of countries whose residents have chosen Frome as their home.
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