Series 2

Everyone needs good, timely access to mental health support but for some communities, it is more challenging than for others. Denis Kigongo Victor is a private Counselling Psychotherapist based in Taunton who specialises in working in an inclusive way that offers culturally sensitive and non-judgmental counselling, working with difference and diversity in all its forms. In this podcast, he talks with Liz Johnson-Idan (Community Enabler) and Beniamin Gogolin (Diverse Young Somerset) about the need for support to help to get through life’s ups and downs, how some groups struggle to access that support
Patients differ in many ways. Some of these differences are due to patient illness, personality, socioeconomic class, or education, but the most profound differences may be cultural. In this podcast, Liz Johnson-Idan (Community Enabler) and Vivian Rybertt (Bridgwater Together) talk about differences in accessing health services. If you want to find out more about Somerset Diverse Communities,
On 24 February 2022 Russia launched military action in Ukraine, with forces crossing into the country from Belarus in the north, Russia in the east and Crimea in the south. The invasion caused Europe’s largest refugee crisis since World War II.
In this episode, we talked to Dave Mann about the support organised by CHARIS Refugees.
In this discussion with Liz Johnson-Idan (Community Enabler) and Lee Reed (the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer for Somerset CCG) talk about the why, how and what you can do to access local medical services in Somerset.
Many of us have experienced the struggle to get the right mental health support for ourselves or for someone we love. Others of us don’t approach services at all, even though we know our mental health isn’t what it could be. This could be because we don’t know where to go, we’re worried we might be judged, not seeing our needs as great enough or not feeling welcomed by services. In this podcast, we talk to Helen Fielden from SPARK on Open Mental Health project.
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