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CCS Somerset Agents

Our team of Agents has expanded and diversified greatly since launching in 2012 and we now have over 50 Agents working directly in Somerset’s communities!

We have seen a need in the community for more dedicated support and have responded by securing funding to not only increase the number of Agents working across Somerset, but to meet the demands of the communities in which we operate. 

More details on our Somerset Agents website
Types of agent

We now have…

Village Agents, Community Agents, Village Agents (Mental Health), Village Agent (Transport), Carers Agents, Macmillan Agent, Homefirst Agents

Keeping Warm in Winter

Don’t suffer in a cold home in silence

Every year we distribute grants to vulnerable older people through the surviving winter scheme – the money comes from older people who can afford not to use their winter fuel allowance, so the money gets recycled to help people in need.

It is managed by the Somerset Community Foundation – more information can be found here. Our Agents are one of the ways people get to know about the money.

Donate to the Surviving Winter Scheme
Saving tips

Save energy & ££’s

Home Energy Checklist

  • Insulation
  • Double Glazing
  • Seal drafts with curtains
  • Energy Monitor

Save Energy

Top Tips on saving energy & ££’s

Love your Home

Make small changes to your home be warmer this winter

Switching Energy Supplier

Check you have a competitive energy bill