Somerset Crisis Fund

Making a life-changing difference

CCS Agents work with people who find themselves in situations no-one should be in – without food, heating, basic essentials or at a life-changing moment in their lives, but poverty is preventing them from moving forward.

People in crisis.


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You can donate directly to our crisis fund via our Local Giving page.

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Help us help others

If you love Somerset, why not support the people and communities who live in the county by donating to the CCS Crisis Fund – at the heart of Somerset.

Like you, we are passionate about Somerset – your donation helps us so to continue to be there for individuals, groups, communities across the whole county.

The Crisis Fund allows agents to access funds to pay for things very quickly to get people OUT of crisis & help make their lives instantly better.

Because we manage the funding pot, there is no red tape, so our Village, Community & Carers Agents can quickly access funds needed often within hours of finding a person in Crisis.

Crisis fund examples

How have we helped?

Here are just a few examples of how our agents have helped people with the crisis fund

Crisis Fund Example 1

A young man hadn’t eaten in three days & couldn’t afford the bus fare to a job interview 20 miles away. Our Agents were able (with the crisis fund) to provide basic nourishment & buy him a bus ticket. He got the job, and was able to apply for social housing nearby.

Crisis Fund Example 2

A young father with severe mobility issues had been confined to the downstairs of his home and had been sleeping in a chair in his living room for over 6 months as his stair lift was broken. In all this time he had been unable to access the shower, take part in his very young children’s bedtime routine, or sleep upstairs with his wife and this had put a real strain on their relationship. Using the crisis fund, our agent was able to arrange for the stair lift to be repaired and assist in setting up a service plan for future repairs which transformed his and his family’s life.

Crisis Fund Example 3

A young couple, unemployment due to severe ill-health, had been unable to afford oil and so had no heating during a bitterly cold winter, meaning their young baby had to stay with the grandparents due to the freezing conditions in the home. The Village Agent used the crisis fund helped pay for the oil tank to be filled up and enabled the family to be reunited with their young baby in time for Christmas.