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Popping round to borrow a cup of sugar can often be the extent of our relationship with our closest neighbours and it is this disconnect that CCS is aiming to tackle, encouraging communities to sign up to the Good Neighbours Scheme

CCS  has developed a toolkit with helpful advice and tips on setting up a Good Neighbourhood scheme in your community. 

Our scheme has now been running for about 18 months with very positive results. We are lucky to live in a supportive village, but despite this people are still vulnerable and this scheme has given reassurance and support to those who need it …I would encourage all communities to start a Good Neighbourhood Scheme so we can ensure people can remain in the environment they would wish, feeling safe and supported.

Stogumber Good Neighbours Scheme
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Improve neighbourly spirit and help reduce loneliness and isolation by building strong social networks, improving confidence and self-esteem and promoting a sense of belonging.

If your community is interested in being part of the Good Neighbourhood movement in Somerset contact

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Click here to Download the pack & here for the Data Protection Template
Contact or call 01823 331222 for your printed copy. 

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, our agents will have limited time at present to support the start up of schemes, however, we hope you find the pack useful if setting up a community response network to support people through this time. Contact your local agent for advice.

Up-to-date information on setting up your scheme

Ready to use templates

Policy guidance and examples

Good Neighbours Essentials Checklist

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This scheme has been funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.