Talking Cafés

Free help and advice every weekday at 11 am

If you are looking for information, advice, and support – or just a friendly chat – you can now use Facebook Live to join people across the county for daily Talking Café events.

Social distancing measures meant that our usual Talking Café events had to be temporarily suspended, but they have now been relaunched digitally on Facebook Live, the social network’s live video platform.

Talking Cafés are a great support if you are looking for help and advice for staying safe, information about important services such as housing, finance, adult social care and children’s services.

The sessions are run daily from the Talking Cafés Facebook page (@talkingcafesomerset) by Community and Village Agents, who help local people find the help, information, and support they need. Click here – like the Talking Cafés Facebook page – and set a reminder to listen in and take part. We look forward to ‘seeing’ you soon!

Below are links to individual Talking Cafes on Facebook, grouped by topic