Talking Cafés

Free help and advice every weekday at 11 am

If you are looking for information, advice, and support – or just a friendly chat – you can now use Facebook Live to join people across the county for daily Talking Café events.

Social distancing measures meant that our usual Talking Café events had to be temporarily suspended, but they have now been relaunched digitally to be live on Facebook each day at 11am.

Talking Cafés are a great support if you are looking for help and advice for staying safe, information about important services such as housing, finance, adult social care and children’s services.

The sessions are run daily from the Talking Cafés Facebook page (@talkingcafesomerset) by Community and Village Agents, who help local people find the help, information, and support they need. Click here – like the Talking Cafés Facebook page – and set a reminder to listen in and take part. We look forward to ‘seeing’ you soon!

Coming up:

  • Monday 22nd February 2021  
    • Domestic Abuse – Ask Ani Campaign
  • Tuesday 23rd February 2021
    • SSAFA – Veteran Support Charity
  • Wednesday 24th February 2021  
    • Somerset Independent Plus
  • Thursday 25th February 2021
    • Somerset Social Enterprise Support
  •   Friday 26th February 2021
    • Home First Support when leaving hospital

Watch LIVE and join in the discussion 11am weekdays!

Below are links to past Talking Cafes, grouped by topic , if using a mobile device please swipe left to see all 5 topic boxes.

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Community & Business Help

Help at home:

Help Living Independently at Home

West Somerset ‘Your Care Network’

The Micro-Provider Network in Somerset

Micro Provider Support in South Somerset

Community solutions available in Sedgemoor

Chard Community Solutions

Food Banks with guest from Quantock Food Bank

Help for individuals:

Somerset Diverse Communities Team update

Help with the YMCA – find out about the brilliant work they do!

National Careers Service Support – how to plan for a new career

Fair Frome & Salvation Army Toy Appeal

Relaunching the Multiple Sclerosis Service within CAB

Proud to Care: Careers in Care

Recruitment and Employment Advice

Employment, Redundancy & Training/Re-training!

Somerset Diverse Communities!

Help for the Homeless in West Somerset during Lockdown

Domestic Abuse – Focus on Abused Men

Domestic Abuse

Loneliness & Isolation

Friendships & Lockdown loneliness

Life Skills for Independence


Volunteers: how they can help you and how you can help!

Volunteer Week: Taunton area

Volunteer Week, BLM & Track & Trace: Sedgemoor

Volunteer Week: Mendip

Volunteer Week: West Somerset

Benefits of Volunteering


How to recreate a Forest School experience for half term

National Storytelling Week 2021 with author Neil Griffiths

Winnie the Pooh Day – Storytelling & Quiz!

Children’s Services in Somerset

Youth Services & Young People’s Mental Health

Community Help for Families in Sedgemoor

Story Telling with Red Robin Books & Author Neil Griffiths

Activities for the families across Somerset

Practical Activities for Children – sock puppets and more!

Business Support:

Employment & Redundancy Support for Businesses

Meet Somerset Day 365 and support for Somerset based businesses

Support for small businesses in Somerset during COVID

Somerset Good Neighbours Schemes:

Stogumber & Stogursey Good Neighbours Share a Meal Schemes

Wellington & Surrounds Community Based Solutions

Somerset Good Neighbours Schemes

Every Day Advice & Money/Debt Support


Bonfire Night & Fire Safety at Home

Halloween & Bonfire Night Safety

Home remedies, First Aid, British Red Cross

Money & Debt:

What is fuel poverty? How to resolve fuel debt & the dangers of a cold home

Surviving Winter Grants

Where to turn for impartial debt advice

Bristol & Wessex Water – Help with bills, money & water saving tips!

Managing Christmas on a Budget, Benefits, Energy & £ Saving tips

Low Cost Loans to improve your home & save money on bills

Preparing for Christmas on a Budget

Save on Energy Bills

Money Matters & Debt Advice 

Learn About Lasting Powers of Attorney (Jan 2021)

Power of Attorney – what is it and why is it important

Coping With Financial Difficulties

Grants for school children in Somerset

Somerset Services:

Mendip Recycling Update & Somerset Waste News

Fostering in Somerset

Somerset Library Service Update – 14th September

Somerset Waste Partnership Recycling News for Mendip! (October)

New Recycling Scheme in Somerset (September)

Sustainable living and plastic free Somerset

Affordable Healthy Eating:

Christmas Baking & Reach Youth South Somerset Charity

Healthy Eating Made Easy with Izzy

Picnic Ideas

Quick, Easy and Budget friendly Recipes for the whole family

Live Cooking Demo with Rev Jess – quick, simple and cheap!


Natwest Advice on Scam Awareness Jan 2021

Scams and Staying Safe Online 1

Staying safe against scams



Seasonal & Hobbies:

Online Reading Groups with The Reader

The Christmas Story – for modern times!

Making & Meaning of a Christingle

The Christmas Advent

Gardening and Allotment Week

Creative People and Places project for Sedgemoor.

Make do & Mend – Make a simple Face Mask!

The Ukes of Hazzard! A Musical treat!