Reasons to support CCS

We support vulnerable people across Somerset through our Village Agent Project

  • Village Agents have supported over 2284 people since the project launch
  • 320 clients were supported as a result of the 2014 flooding crisis dealing with 363 separate issues
  • For every £1 invested into Somerset Village Agents Project over £17 worth of support/savings is made

We support work with individuals,  community groups and organisations

  • Saved over £208,000 for our Community Oil Scheme members since the start of the project
  • With our one-to-one support charities and community groups raised over £815,000
  • CCS distributed £23,508 to help vulnerable people survive the cold winters

We support young people in our community

  • Supported Bishop Fox’s Educational Foundation to give grants of over £79,000
  • Distributing information to over 22,000 young people through the Somerset’s Dairy Careers Project