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NHS Updates

Flu: Public Health Somerset & Flu Vaccinations

Flu: Winter 2020 Vaccination Programme

How Doctors surgeries are adapting to COVID-19

Dec 2020: Hospital Discharge & Homefirst help in Somerset

Hospital Discharge Options & Help

Homefirst Agents & Well-being steps

Blood Donations and Transfusions – advice & myth busting


deafPLUS Help for the hearing impaired

Somerset Sight

Independent Living Self Assessment online portalĀ 

Learn British Sign Language – Christmas Signing

Hearing Loss Awareness

Challenges faced by the deaf, blind & visually impaired community

Deaf & Blind Awareness and Support available

Disability Awarenesss in Lockdown

Importance of Eye Health

Keeping Active

Staying Strong & Safe – Exercises for Balance with AGE UK

January 2021 – New Year – New Active You! Tips from a Personal Trainer

Keeping Active with SASP

Exercise at home – Chair Zumba!

Getting out and about in Mendip

Keeping Active in lockdown and looking after our mental well being

Other Health Matters

On Dementia with Reminiscence Learning

Shared Reading for Dementia

Menopause Awareness

Alzheimer’s – Singing for the Brain

Advanced Care Planning – what kind of care do YOU want in the future?

Dementia Support in Somerset

Cancer Support


Falls Awareness and Prevention

Diet and Diabetes

Addiction Support & Support for the Affected Families