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NHS Updates

Flu: Public Health Somerset & Flu Vaccinations

Flu: Winter 2020 Vaccination Programme

How Doctors surgeries are adapting to COVID-19

Dec 2020: Hospital Discharge & Homefirst help in Somerset

Hospital Discharge Options & Help

Homefirst Agents & Well-being steps

Blood Donations and Transfusions – advice & myth busting


Somerset Sight

Independent Living Self Assessment online portalĀ 

Learn British Sign Language – Christmas Signing

Hearing Loss Awareness

Challenges faced by the deaf, blind & visually impaired community

Deaf & Blind Awareness and Support available

Disability Awarenesss in Lockdown

Importance of Eye Health

Keeping Active

Staying Strong & Safe – Exercises for Balance with AGE UK

January 2021 – New Year – New Active You! Tips from a Personal Trainer

Keeping Active with SASP

Exercise at home – Chair Zumba!

Getting out and about in Mendip

Keeping Active in lockdown and looking after our mental well being

Other Health Matters

Shared Reading for Dementia

Menopause Awareness

Alzheimer’s – Singing for the Brain

Advanced Care Planning – what kind of care do YOU want in the future?

Dementia Support in Somerset

Cancer Support


Falls Awareness and Prevention

Diet and Diabetes

Addiction Support & Support for the Affected Families