Yeovil Together save the date for 2023!

Share and celebrate culture

SAVE THE DATE: Sunday 2nd July 2023

A great day for all the family, open to the whole community and beyond.

What Rhymes With Yeovil Poem by David Reakes 2022

What rhymes with Yeovil?
There’s oval. Yes, very clever.
But what CHIMES with Yeovil?
What brings Yeovil together?

Well, let’s set the scene
And let’s set the table
Let’s loosen our belts
And eat more than we’re able
Let’s tell one more story
Save that last dance for me
Feed hearts, minds and bellies
Feed community

Let’s all stand together
Round the old Joanna
Let’s knock back our Sorrel
And eat up our Channa
Quick! Polish off
That last Polish Sausage
Whack back that Ackee
And savage that Salt Fish
Bolt down a Bangla-
Deshi Biriyani
Ingest some Indi-
An Jhal Muri
Roll up those Spring Rolls
From the Philippines
Got any room left?
Coz it’s time for pudding!

Let’s cook together
Eat together
Let’s dance til we’ve all got
Sore feet together
Let’s laugh together
Play together
Let’s sing like we’re all
Doris Day together

Let’s drain down our glass and
Re-fill together
That’s culture!
That’s life!
That’s Yeovil

Listen to the 2022 Yeovil Together Podcast recorded by Somerset Libraries

LibraryCast from Somerset Libraries UK | Podcast on Spotify

You can expect:

  • Culturally diverse flavours of Yeovil. Attendees can try free samples or purchase from the stands.
  • Family friendly culturally creative workshops
  • Wellbeing and sport activities

Live music, dance and theatre performances

Watch back and share the Yeovil Together 2021 experience

The video captures a snapshot of the Yeovil Together event, enjoyed by over 500 people from a vast array of cultures, faiths, ages and genders.

What we are about:

Yeovil Together events are collaboratively organised by the ethnically diverse community groups in Yeovil. The aim is to bring the whole community together to enable intercultural dialogue through music, dance, storytelling and the sharing of food so that barriers around ethnicity and culture can be diminished. It showcases the positive contributions of Yeovil’s ethnically diverse communities and facilitates conversations around diversity and inclusion.

Yeovil Together organisers

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