Share and Celebrate Culture

Organised by Yeovil’s Ethnic Diverse Communities

Yeovil Together celebrated it’s first multicultural event in August 2021

This was a FREE family fun day, open to the whole community and beyond.

  • Experiencing the culturally diverse flavours of Yeovil attendees tried free samples.
  • Took part in cultural creative workshops
  • Took part in wellbeing and sport activities

It was a charity event and raised money for the local Food Bank.

Watch back and share the Yeovil together experience

The video captures a snapshot of the Yeovil Together event, enjoyed by over 500 people from a vast array of cultures, faiths, ages and genders.

What we are about:

The first Yeovil Together event was collaboratively organised by the ethnically diverse community groups in Yeovil. The aim was to bring the whole community together to enable intercultural dialogue through music, dance, storytelling and the sharing of food so that barriers around ethnicity and culture could be diminished. It showcased the positive contributions of Yeovil’s ethnically diverse communities and facilitated conversations around diversity and inclusion

Yeovil Together organisers

Jusna Mustafa


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